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Single lesbian mama to Evelyn Jean, born at home on February 8, 2013. 32-year-old American living in Canada. Join me on my adventures in single motherhood.

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Just paid the $50 deposit to reserve the doula’s placenta encapsulation service. It feels a bit far out - even for a hippy like me - but I’m doing it anyway. I can’t imagine eating it raw or in a smoothie, but the idea of it being encapsulated makes it an easier pill to swallow. See what I did there? Ha! 

Anyone have your placenta encapsulated? Did it help with your postpartum healing?

  1. singlemomfemale answered: I was going to do mine. I have heard only good about it. I think its one of those things you have to form your own opinion on by trying it.
  2. rocknrolldomesticity answered: i’m having my placenta encapsulated and have talked to women who did - they were really glad they did. even if its placeboish, whatever works
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