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Single lesbian mama to Evelyn Jean, born at home on February 8, 2013. 32-year-old American living in Canada. Join me on my adventures in single motherhood.

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Okay, this is totally the first time mom in me coming at you seasoned moms with questions. 

Is it normal for a newborn to want to be held 24/7? I’m pretty sure the answer is YES, and I’m happy to indulge because I love, love, love having her on me. 

Here’s a typical scenario at our house:

Evelyn will be napping on me - passed out like a college kid who had 10 drinks too many - and then as soon as I put her down either in the swing or on the couch (so I can get up to pee, eat or just stretch a bit), she is awake and squawking. 

I do a lot of baby wearing to get things done around the house. And it feels  good to have her next to me.

I’m just wondering - is this typical newborn behavior to never want to nap anywhere but on someone (most preferably mommy?). I was under the impression that most babies like their swings or other movey-type contraptions. 

Kids Make Liars Out of Their Parents

In true baby/child fashion, Evelyn has made a liar out of me in the hours it’s taken me to write this post (yep, it’s been in draft form for hours). This afternoon we went out to our very first restaurant meal since she’s been born and I guess the fresh air knocked her out. Because since we got home I placed her in her swing for a nap and she’s been out for 45 minutes. This is unheard of! Not a peep from her!

In that time I’ve done: 2 loads of laundry (well, one is still in the washing machine but it totes counts), vacuumed, washed a sink full of dishes and written 2 thank you notes. I never knew I could get so much done in such a short period of time. Nothin’ like being a mom to show you what kind of super powers you have, eh? 

  1. nomadiclife2006 said: My son was exactly the same. Peeing and showering were luxuries for me :) It’ll get better. Hang in there mama!
  2. psychedelicjellyfish said: Avery really likes to be held a lot, it might be because she doesn’t feel well a lot though. She will also lay down for at least one long nap a day. Every other one, she’ll wake up when I set her down. You’re not alone!
  3. brightlywoundmama said: Mine wants held all the time! I oblige her, haha. Thank the universe for baby carriers.
  4. rocknrolldomesticity said: totally normal! auggie is 8 weeks now and still wants to be held 95% of the time. that is why i love my ergo.
  5. tacosaysroar said: If swaddled, Adelaide would sleep a little in the bassinet. But for the most part, she wanted (only) me and hated the chest carrier (until she could face out). At 3 months, she fell in love with the swing and could sleep through the night there.
  6. just-temporarychanges said: Totally normal behavior of a newborn. My foster newborn made a liar out of me constantly!
  7. ourgiftfromastork said: I meant obviously I AM a first time mum…I need sleep!
  8. startingfromhere said: Yay looks like you jinxed yourself positively!! And ughhh how cute is that faceeeeee
  9. tumblewieds said: When tiny, Graham only slept well in a cushy dog bed, on his back. It was very cozy for him, I guess. We then discovered the wonderful, wonderful world of swaddle. He slept in a swaddle until he was 8 months old.
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