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Single lesbian mama to Evelyn Jean, born at home on February 8, 2013. 32-year-old American living in Canada. Join me on my adventures in single motherhood.

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Let me tell you about my experience postpartum having my placenta encapsulated it and consumed it every day for the past 3 weeks. 

Why I Chose To Encapsulate

Apart from the fact that I’m a granola hippy at heart who does energy healing and yadda yadda yadda, I knew I wanted to test out the benefits of placenta consumption for myself instead of “believing the hype”. 

also knew that I didn’t have the stomach to eat it raw, grind it up in a smoothie or grill some up. Not only that, but I knew I couldn’t ask my family members to withstand that either. They’re open-minded and flexible, but I didn’t want to make them sick. 

My previous post-partum experiences were awful. And that is largely because I gave my babies to other people. And being postpartum without a baby sucks donkey balls. It’s one of the worst things I’ve ever had to endure. Nay - it IS the worst thing I’ve ever endured. 

However, I was concerned that my depression post babies was also hormonal, and I wanted to avoid that this time around. I knew placenta encapsulation could help with that. 

I also heard that the placenta can help with your milk production. Bonus! My breasts have been overflowing with milk from Day 3, and I’m not sure if that has anything to do with the capsules or not, but I’m sure they didn’t hurt. 

The Protocol

I took 3 capsules 2 times a day for the first 2 weeks, and 3 capsules once a day for the third week. I still have a few capsules left and I plan to take them until they’re all out. My doula said that some people choose to save them and take them when they feel they’re getting sick, but me? Meh. I’ll just take ‘em now. 

The Reactions

My mom and stepdad always know to expect the unexpected from me. Hell, my whole family does. So they were a little grossed out at first but open-minded and before I knew it, mom was reminding me to take my pills if I’d forgotten. 

Friends? Well, it depends on which friends. Friends who have just given birth or were about to were all, “Yeah I did that/am going to do that too!” or “Aw, man, wish I’d done that.” Other friends were all, “You’re sick.” OTHER friends were fake supportive and then ran home to talk about how gross I am to their significant others. 

The Results

Whether it’s placebo or not, they worked. Within an hour of taking the capsules, I always felt a boost in energy and a mood lift. I mean, I survived my parents’ living in my living-room for an entire week and I think we can thank the capsules mood boosters for that! 

I’ll miss the pills when they’re gone because of the added energy. Hopefully I won’t need them as much now that I’m 3 weeks PP…

If I had to do it all over again (meaning:if I have another baby), I will absolutely, without a doubt, be encapsulating my placenta. 

BONUS: I never “burped placenta” like some people say they did. The capsules were swigged immediately with water so I have no idea if it had any taste and I’d rather not know. 

Sure, a part of me does feel a bit cannibal-like. But the other part is, like, “Fuck it…this hippy thing rocked.” 

A Sacred Path

If you’re in Toronto, I highly recommend using Vivianna - A Sacred Path. She picked up my placenta here at home and dropped off the capsules, placenta print and cord heart/spiral less than 24 hours later. All for $200 and she rocked! 

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  4. rocknrolldomesticity said: i loved my placenta pills. i definitely feel like they’ve evened me out, hormonally, and given me more energy. i could tell the difference right away - i hadn’t started taking them until about day 6 - and i will definitelt do it again. yay for hippy shit!
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