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Single lesbian mama to Evelyn Jean, born at home on February 8, 2013. 32-year-old American living in Canada. Join me on my adventures in single motherhood.

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Evelyn has reached the stage where her body can’t do everything her mind wants to. She gets very frustrated with her toys and blankets if she can’t do what she wants with them.

I resorted to my number 1 parenting tool: Google, and discovered this is common for 4 month olds.

How long does this phase last? Or is this just a perma-thing until she’s much older and can do everything she sets her mind to do?

In the bathtub it is kind of cute - these little tantrums she throws result in lots of splashes. When she splashes, she smiles, so it’s like she is pissed off but smiling. Too cute.

  1. mommytobe-oneday said: Ahhhh she’s so sweet. Adorable outfit today, too! :) Don’t give up Evelyn, you’ll get there!
  2. dearestpj said: Terry is still angry that he can’t crawl yet, lol. He’s getting close, but until he masters it he’s just gonna stay pissed off I think.
  3. myso-calledcharmedlife said: LOVE the face! For us, the frustration thing was on & off with different things until they were totally verbal…Giggles still gets frustrated when I can’t understand what he’s saying.
  4. babyfishhopes said: Ha ha ha.. I laughed out loud! Pictured her getting pissed, grunting, and flailing, then splash and she’s like “ooooo fun! But damn it I was trying to get up!” And repeat. Lol
  5. gimmethewholeenchilada said: My baby E cries out of frustration and it turns to giggles too. I think that part lasts a while—until they’re mobile.
  6. brightlywoundmama said: It keeps happening, though it changes. Frustrations about hands not doing what they want turned into frustrations about not being mobile enough to get the cat or the toy that rolled away.
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